Toss around titles–co-founder of Beatport, founding father of the mixtape and pioneer of the Chicago house sound–and you get just a taste of the DJ-producer legend, Bad Boy Bill.

In a career full of groundbreaking achievements, the Chi-Town native’s power-packed sets–whether it’s a mashed up remix or a sickly produced original with ill-timed scratches–are always the main course he offers for audio-consumption.

A joyride on Bad Boy Bill’s sonic cloud will result in a direct shift into intoxifying electronica overdrive. A key player in dance music’s growth back in the day, his relevance has exponentially increased in the ever-popular genre of house music.

“It’s bigger than it has ever been in America, and I feel lucky to be involved with the scene and am inspired by the new producers emerging now,” says the house and electro boss.

“I remember parties back in the day for G-Spot that were amazing,” he claimed. “In 2009 when I played Global Dance Festival, the crowd was so into the music!” He wants more, and local revelers do, too.

That’s bad! Not bad meaning bad, bad meaning good. Cosmic Factory area, midnight, be there.

Wet N Wild Hawaii, 400 Farrington Hwy., Sat., 3/31, 6pm–2am, $43, 18+, []