Byron the Fur should never be compared to a critter- or rodent-like creature as his DJ namesake suggests. Unless he’s getting straight animal on the decks, then it’s perfectly fine.

Excitement personified, this year marks 20 years of party rocking excellence–a run that began at iconic Radio Free Hawaii in ‘92 and continues at his current residency, Apartment3. Byron the Fur churns out the sonic brilliance with a diverse and worldly sound that can please the entire nightlife scope, not just certain niche crowds.

There is little doubt that he’ll be etched in Honolulu club lore as one of only a handful of early ‘90s-era DJs on the island today still going strong . . . if not stronger.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be able to do this for as long as I have and to have played and worked in places like After Dark, The Garage and The Wave,” notes the iconic party smasher. “Just seeing people having fun, dancing and letting their inhibitions go will always stick with me.”

It may be true that guidos need their GTF (no fist pump), but it’s Honolulu nightlifers who’ll always need a dose of BTF.

–Kalani Wilhelm

25th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Chinatown Block Party at Murphy’s Bar and Grill, 2 Merchant St., Sat., 3/17, 12pm