On house music, DJ and producer Marques Wyatt has been quoted saying it’s more than just a musical genre– it’s like “experiencing God.” Nothing blasphemous about his statement when you hear the Santa Monica native reign his club banging beats at Lotus Downtown this weekend as if from the heavens above.

The legendary Wyatt, who’s been spinning in LA clubs since the mid-‘80s, was one of the first during the time to start a house music night. He’s been shaping its West Coast scene ever since, most notably with what’s become the City of Angels’ longest running house club DEEP, a respectable club staple since 1998.

Honolulu is in for a revelation when Chinatown nightlife enters the sanctuary of Marques Wyatt and hears how the soulful pioneer balances a sonic rapture of EDM that’s smoother than silk. Preach!

Lotus Downtown, 34 N. Hotel St., Fri., 3/9, 7pm–2am, [], 888-3928