Music empowerment will take center stage in its truest form thanks to the weekend arrival of DJ Empress.

Hardcore drum and bass, break-beat and dubstep will form a synergistic holy trinity for the one-year anniversary of Slow and Low, the drum and bass monthly event at Lotus Downtown.

Brooklyn, they go hard? Certainly. Residencies in night-life rich cities like New York City, Miami, San Francisco and London, highlight an impressive career of this Brooklyn-raised producer, songwriter and vocalist. If the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival required a passport to attend, Empress’s passport would have an impressive, well-traveled track-record, stabilizing her stature in DJ circles far and wide.

The dance enthusiasts who require their electronic thumpage at peak intensity will surrender to her sonic warps of adrenaline and wickedness.

Who knew electronic sounds in the form of hard and heavy-hype grime could be so exhilarating? Hail to Empress the ruler who proves that Brooklyn doesn’t just go hard–it goes the hardest. —

Lotus Downtown, 34 N. Hotel St., Sat.,4/14, $10, 21+, 888-3928