Being that it’s 4/20 weekend, it might be a no-brainer to shine the Spinzone light on DJ Westafa. His dancehall vibrations and versatile music sensibility would be downright foolish to ignore. And while he prides himself on having his own style and love for music, the feeling is mutual among 808 party kids.

The Cali native actually performed in the Hi-State before eventually making it his new home in 2008. “DJ Eskae brought us out. I was able to leave some mix CDs around the island,” Westafa noted. “Then I came out a few more times as a guest DJ before moving here,” he explains.

Mid-week residencies at Next Door and The Manifest attest to the fact that supreme blends are a Westafa staple. He’s even flexed his throw-down supremacy on tours with Stephen Marley, J Boog and the Distant Relatives Hawaii tour with Nas and Damian Marley.

Look past the dreadlocks and roots-reggae exterior and discover an obvious and fitting choice. DJ Westafa, a music maverick by any other name is not the same. Bless up and spark up. Happy 4/20 ya’ll.

Next Door, 43 N. Hotel St., Wednesdays, 9pm–2am, 21+. Manifest, 39 N. Hotel St., Thursdays, 9pm–2am, 21+, []!/westafa