720 is on the decks. Round and round the record goes, the party don’t stop and everyone knows.

OK enough with the rhymes. Find the party fuse and DJ 720 will be sure to ignite it. Game. Set. Match. Guarantee. All In.

One of the key players of the well respected Krack Hand DJ crew, DJ 720’s video mix assaults kill at will, and create the perfect cause for dance fiends to get busy. Professional swag on a consistent basis, it’s the beat, not the ego that drives him.

“When I spin, I feel like I have your attention and I’m going to share with you what I think is some great music–no matter what genre–and I’m going to make you dance and enjoy yourself,” said the versatile DJ 720. “I like to catch a crowd off guard or make them go, ‘whaa??’ but still groove out and dance their butts off.”

Along with being a technically-sound maverick, 720’s allegiance to the Hawaii DJ community and the art and essence of DJing is second to none. His grind is a prime example of clever creativity at its finest. Period.

Thursdays, Rock Bottom University, 2535 Coyne St., 21+ Saturday, LoJax on Seaside, 2256 Kuhio Ave., 21+