Pure dedication makes Jaegirl one of the princesses of EDM Hawaii. The Big Island girl’s passion for electronic thump keeps her well-grounded and always ahead of the curve, specializing in banging sets that range from the uplifting to the down and dirty. Her crazy journey has her on a thrill ride with epic and long-lasting moments of dance rage.

A true student of music who values the technical and crafty side of the turntable foremost has enthusiasm that’s impossible to duplicate. It’s quite obvious that the Pure Coalition DJ genuinely loves what she does.

Self-taught, she credits being surrounded by an array of talented people in the turntable and EDM scene for inspiration. “The rush walking to the DJ booth is pretty insane, it gets me every time,” she says.

Open to all genres, hard trance and nu-skool breaks are her current crave. Her take on pop music trying to claim the sound she holds closest to heart?

“It’s good that the sound is reaching those that dissed it before,” she said. “It sucks that those who have been in it forever don’t get the recognition that they should.”

Spoken like a GURL who knows what she’s talking about.

“Shock Mondays,” Bar Seven, 1349 Kapiolani Blvd., 9pm–4am, 18+ “Space Fridays,” Cafe Sarang, 746 Ilaniwai St., 10pm–4am, 18+