If doing it for the love translates to going all out for the culture, as far as cultural merit is concerned for DJs Revise and Une, in island hip hop they trust.

The two friends join forces Saturday as decks will be wrecked and a scene will fully unite for a fundraiser-showcase event in support of Na Hokuhanohano Hip Hop Album of the Year nominees Navid Najafi, Tripple Los and Slapp Symphony.

For Une, a mainstay at b-boy and turntablist events, showing respect to all elements is the key:

“I think coming from any minority stand point–whether racial or financial–when you have tools to express yourself, either by DJing, MCing, b-boying or writing, you have a power that reflects back on your environment and the ability to show people from other places what it’s like in your own community.”

Revise, one-half of Murder Mainstream, believes the key is to perpetuate and strengthen island hip hop.

“My contribution in the hip hop scene is to stay involved and relevant. It is important to me because hip hop is a lifestyle, not a fad,” he says. ”Real recognize real.”

Shaka salute and HzUp.

“Beats, Rhymes and Aloha Fund-Rager,” Lotus Downtown, 34 N. Hotel St., Sat., 5/26, 21+, 888-3928