The great thing about being a DJ is that the thrilling effect stays in your blood for life. Out of the nightlife mix for a bit but never too far from his turntables, DJ Seeko still has a profound passion for music.

One of the most humble and naturally likeable DJs Hawaii’s scene has to offer, DJ Seeko’s keen ear comes with an understanding that sound is very much a science filled with exploratory elements for all to enjoy.

Seeko’s electronic arrangements of colorful depth and calculated risks will be on full auditory display Friday at the Ras. G show at Loft In Space. After a brief hiatus called life, Seeko admits to being more focused on his DJ craft once again.

“When you hear my mixes or sets, I make attempts at showcasing the different tracks and genres that I love, versus sticking with one particular genre of music,” says the self-professed “music nerd”. “Some people may not get it, but it makes perfect sense in my head.”

Now that his passion is back and at full throttle, it’s time to seek and enjoy.

“It’s knowing your music that will make or break your set,“ he says. “With the eclectic nature of music these days, as a DJ, you have to be aware of what journey you’re trying to take your audience on.”

Fri., 6/8, Loft In Space, 831 Queen St., 9PM–2AM, 21+