Cut Chemist has always taken the science of beat-making and manipulation to far-fetched places of musical ingenuity.

One listen to Brainfreeze, an album he conceptualized with DJ Shadow, should prove that flipping scripts is a Cut Chemist trademark. Dip deeper into his sound catalog and be further amazed.

“Right now is the darkest hour for DJs. It’s the time of the celebrity DJ,” he says. “It’s getting more popular to not appreciate the skills of a DJ. Society champions irony.”

The turntablist extraordinaire and former member of Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli will certainly bring a positive burst of light with him Friday at Nextdoor in his first appearance in Hawaii in 10 years and his first solo gig in the Islands.

“[The culture] is at its best when DJs actually do the work, selecting the music and mixing the music. It’s at its worst when DJs don’t do anything and act like they are doing everything. It’s like not feeding something the nutrients it needs in order to grow and keep living.”

Cut will be performing on three turntables and bust out his collection of 45s. Drink a lot of liquid and bring your appetite for dopeness because it’s time to get fed.

Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., Fri., 7/27, 10pm, $20, tickets at In4mation, Human Imagination, Prototype stores, Sindication, Too Gruvs, 808 Skate, []