Sure, straight and narrow DJs get it done. But those who stay ahead of the curve like Justin Martin get it done better.

With a tech house sound born to engage, the heralded DJ-producer’s tunes full of filthy, nasty goodness have been noticed both in national and international sectors. The dance floor dictator from the Bay Area and co-founder of the wicked West Coast Dirtybird Records has the ability to surprise newcomers but still, dancing feet never lie, and oh, are they dancing. Remaining bass-ready while keeping the music groove-steady is a trademark of the Justin Martin sound.

Futhermore, his Bay Area crew stakes their claim as one of most viable collectives around and Martin’s prowess got him a strong co-sign with DJ Mag, gracing the influential publication’s cover in 2010.

When you’re blessed as Martin is with a lot of talent, some luck and opportunity, aiming beyond the stars and past the moon becomes routine.

After a night on Kauai this Friday, J Mart will once again make his presence felt in Honolulu. Time to get familiar.

Ghettos & Gardens CD release party, thirtyninehotel, 39 N. Hotel St., Sat., 7/14, free before 10:30pm