Don’t let the purple dinosaur suit fool you: Mochipet’s tricked-out tunes of bass-knockin’ bravado have much to be desired.

The gifted one’s musical color palette wouldn’t be a single color out of a Crayola box–it would be one of the crayon company’s popular spin-off products, Crayola Changeables, where the colors actually, uh, for lack of a better explanation, change color.

“My music morphs from one style, release and sound to another. My music and live sets are always changing in tempos and styles and genres,” says the Taiwan-born Chinese American sound creator. “I like to use all the colors because I like to experiment with how they blend together.”

Not only does the head honcho of Daly City Records perform music that is influenced by his diverse background and experiences–hence the wide array of genres and sounds from abroad–the inquisitive party rocker, born David Y. Wang, says it reveals his soul and being as well. That’s something you could never tame or cage.

The time to dance your derrieres off while thinking of the delectable sticky treat (if you’re into that sort of thing) is coming and so should you. Rawwr!

Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., Fri., 7/6, 9pm, 21+.