DJ Packo rules the realms of dubstep and turntablism in Hawaii as we know it.

This Friday he welcomes Aquadust III: Apackolypse Now, the third and latest installment of face-nuking eardrum drudgery from the mind of the polished trickster.

“My main focus from the sound is how simple, pleasant and enchanting it was to go in and out of dub beats while skratching,” says the 2010 Honolulu Weekly Spin Zone DJ of the Year. “For those that are aware of my sound, skratching records was my lure into the DJ world. Dubstep solely provided the blank white canvas I needed to paint the sounds I see and hear.”

While he boasts highly of his creation, Packo hopes the filthy noise will wash over you cleanly. He is also quick to note that the album is not a mixtape or a compilation of current rave hits.

“These tracks were carefully selected to reach out and speak to the viewing audience to whisk them away to a world where creation and destruction is life,” Packo says.

Take in the bass-heavy mannerisms and skratch-fancy pleasantries, auditory alien friends–your inner subconscious cravings will be glad you did.

Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort St., Fri., 8/3, 10pm–2am, $5–$10, 21+