To the Republik for which it stands comes a music genius that hip hop turntablists and fans of music without boundaries can be proud of. One nation under God in killer beatism we trust.

By all accounts, Joshua Paul Davis was born to make his mark through creative means. The phenom known as DJ Shadow has performed at global rock, hip hop and dance festivals since as far back as 1999, way before DJs had reached rock star status.

DJ Shadow’s catalog consists of Endtroducing….., The Outsider and many other gems, including Brainfreeze with Cut Chemist. The classic is mind-boggling, the sound just as daring as downing a ginormous Slurpee with five straws.

Hail to Mr. Shadow for his shape-shifting pedigree and stellar inquisitive mind. Deuces up to the beat conductor and the slick symphonies he has created and will continue to create.

Time to peep the man’s dynamic glow. MPC it to believe it or just open up and take it all in. Regret not, my friends–dig it, you will.

The Republik, 1349 Kapiolani Blvd., Fri., 8/17, Safehouse Lounge doors open at 6pm, Concert Hall doors open at 9pm, show at 9:30pm, $28–$32, [], [], 18+