DJs that swallow the stagnant pill, beware–Dee Wizzard might just leapfrog right over you, given the opportunity.

He’s done such a good job in the career progression department that the moves he’s made over the last year make him one of the rising-est stars in the local DJ game today. What moves, you ask? For starters, more genre-busting stack-loads of gigs.

Dee Wizzard is out to explore and conquer as much of the DJ landscape as humanly possible, or as he likes to say, “From the Big Apple to the Pineapple,” and beyond. Credit his Philly freshness and the influences of living in the HI state as to why the thumps, baps and grooves are packed with that essential aloha feel.

“I believe that personal relationships are the [key factor in] becoming a DJ in Hawaii when you are not born and raised here,” says the formidable power mixer. “If you spend time with people at the beach and at parties and events and you build a relationship with them and they see you are talented and a nice, respectful person, then you will have a better chance.”


Thirsty Thursdays, Zanzabar, 2255 Kuhio Ave., 10pm–4am, 18+