They say the trends and styles of nightlife change about every five years. So the more than 30 years of work put in by James Coles in the music, radio and club game should be not just be acknowledged; it should be applauded. If ever a Hawaii Radio and DJ Hall of Fame is created, Coles should be as the first inductee.

While 20- and 30-somethings have what seem like endless options for partying these days, the man of yesteryear can’t help but show love to the old school as well as teen demographics that crave “their music” just as much. The island gets a steady dose of the back-in-the-day jams daily, courtesy of Coles on the airwaves at 93.9 Jamz.

“Playing the music of my heart and now music for another generation’s heart (the ‘90s) is a true DJ bonus for me,” says the respected senior spin-doctor of aloha. But the proud father of three gets schooled by his offspring on the hip tunes of today. “I’m not digging for tracks every other day like before. Now my kids tell me ,‘Dad, want me to download all of your songs for you?’”

A meeting of old school and new school fo’ sho.

Club 3LD, Pearl Kai Shopping Center, Ste. F-02, 98-199 Kamehameha Hwy., Fridays, $10–$15 cover, all ages