When it comes to combining the vision and art of a DJ without the infiltration of an ego, DJ Ill Phil is cut from a different cloth.

File Phil’s drive under the letter “K” for keeping it creative as he steps into the video mixing and remixing arena shows. While rapid climbs and tumultuous lows are expected in the cutthroat DJ game, Phil has been fortunate to keep his passion rock steady.

“I’ve been exploring on how I can be more effective as a DJ and in return I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of HI’s best DJs while also opening doors for some of the new DJs,” he says.

He has no hate bombs, just praise for the electronica movement of the moment. But hip hop is and will always be his core. His devotion will never be swayed. That’s how he keeps it real, raw and undeniably never twisted.

“It’s what attracted me to DJing in the first place, but Iʻve learned to keep an open mind about music, no matter what time period or genre it is. Good music is good music period.”

Ever heard the saying “Know your local DJ, respect your local DJ”? (Probably not.) Now that you do, know Ill Phill.

Thursdays, Fridays, Da Big Kahuna, 2299 Kuhio Ave., 10:30PM — 3AM, 21+, No Cover.