Music provokes thoughts that later lead to movements–unabashed, beat-driven movements. Meet one of the stable forces in DJ and club land who was doing the EDM thing before it had such a distinctly corny title.

DJ Edit is a dedicated dude who is often ahead of the times musically. The presence of nightclubs reaffirms that the current state of music is, in fact, a present, but that being said, it must be delivered properly, with enough care and understanding for the art of DJing as well as the nuances of dance music. Enter Edit into the fray.

The recent release of the fourth installment of his Movement mix series, with assistance from DJ Technique, is mad potent and packed with enough energy that only downing a Monster Energy drink could enhance it.

“The goal with M O IV E M E N T was to get a little more aggressive with the music,” says Edit, the newest DJ member of the Dirty Thirty Club. ”Technique and I got very aggressive with the remixes we played. We also had a lot more copies made . . . .”

Edit will be your guide as you enter synergistic music bliss. Hurry, the portal is closing. Ready? Go!

Vice Nightclub, Ward Center, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd., Fridays, 10:30pm–4am, $10, 21+