For DJ Da Lion of Judah and his rise among the Latino dance community, bringing ferocity to the scene is merely the nature of the beast and element of the groove. Music, dance and culture are the suave operator’s mental make-up.

“What I am seeing right now is a movement of unity amongst promoters and DJs and an entirely new audience who are taking to the Latino entertainment,” said the savvy DJ.

With a vibe known for being hot, steamy and in your face, the Lion will give you an overdose of all the sexy pheromone flavors of culture, people and dance.

“Not to take anything away from the mainstream scene or other kind of cultural vibes, [but] there is nothing more beautiful and happy then a Latin party,” he roars. And being in the club scene for 24 years, he should know.

Outside of his prowess behind the decks, Da Lion of Judah is also a three-time Hawaii Salsa Champion and will be competing at the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami in December (with partner Ria Baldevia). Yes, persistence pays off, but dedication pays off more.

Swag, salsa swag.

Hispanic Heritage Festival, Kapiolani Park, Sat., 10/13, noon–6pm, free
Che Pasta, 1001 Bishop St., Fridays, 9pm–2am, $5, free before 11:30pm, 21+