Image: Elise St. Clair

The ubiquitous Nick Yee–or as many know him, DJ Mr. Nick–is well-known for his abstract sound that encompasses the finer aspects of nu disco, funk, jazz and electro house. When he spins, it’s always for the betterment of the ears, dance floor and overall soundscape of world music. His sets are refreshing, like your favorite beverage on a humid vog-filled day.

“I think I have an audience of people that are open-minded, that don’t mind being challenged and don’t mind going out to a club and hearing something that they may not know,” he says.

Mr. Nick believes that familiarity is overrated, and that if you are not providing your audience with a good groove, you are truly committing a disservice.

This idealism makes him one of the key cogs in the KTUH machine and further exemplifies why his “Jet Set Show” has become one of the most popular transmissions from Manoa.

“I can’t imagine listening to the same songs and formulas over and over again, both on radio and in clubs … It’s that thrill of discovery and stepping out of our comfort zone that makes musical journeys and exploration exhilarating.”

The Jet Set is ready for take-off. Enjoy your musical flight.

The Venue, 1146 Bethel St., Fri., 10/26, 8pm–2am, $10, 21+ The Jet Set Show, KTUH 90.3 FM, Tuesdays, 6–9pm