Image: Peter Chiapperino

There’s a fine line between being a predictable DJ and a consistent one. DJ Matt Kee has brought consistent gumption to all aspects of his organic, thrilling vibes.

The 20-year vet who has long been an advocate of the anti-wallflower movement (as most DJs are) is among the loyal spin masters who make Soulgasm the premiere house music event in town. But there’s more: This Friday he celebrates his 40th birthday, so dance purists of all styles, take part in the addictive music medley and go to the next level.

Creating eclectic groove harmony is a sight to see–lucky it happens to be a Matt Kee and Soulgasm trademark–and the purest of dance vibes to be found in the 808, hands down.

“Even though we’re known more for house music, we also try to bring in a lot of soul and funk and other influences, too,” he says. “So you’ll have people you’d normally see at a hip hop party or Latin party all coming out and just being friendly and having a great time on our dance floor . . . As a DJ, that’s awesome because it fits right in with how I like to play.”

Play on, playa.

Soulgasm, thirtyninehotel, 39 N. Hotel St., Fri., 10/19, 9pm–2am, $5 (free before 10pm), 21+