Image: Thanh Nguyen

When in doubt of Honolulu’s electronica potential, take it from the man who has recently filled his party passport with gigs in Frankfurt and Vietnam, along with Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco on the regular–we’re on the brink of something big.

“We are doing exactly what most big cities are doing, but we just have [fewer] people going out on a consistent basis,” says DJ Willis Haltom, co-owner of underground hotspot Asylum. He recognizes that our Islands’ scene has been progressing for the past three years and believes that the best is yet to come.

“I feel Hawaii is on the lips of a lot of the best [DJs] from around the globe and it’s only a matter of time before locals here step up to that level,” he says.

As one of the leaders of the ‘aina’s thriving tech-house movement, Haltom has helped open the dance groove portal for international names such as Justin Martin, Paul Woolford, Tanner Ross and Worthy to play here.

Along with being part of the newest party option on First Fridays at the Loft, it’s safe to say the present state of electronica is great, and the future is destined to be even greater.

The Loft, 115 N. Hotel St., Fri., 11/2, $10 for ages 21+, $15 for ages 18–20