Image: courtesy lee foss

Hypnotic groove addicts will surely find themselves adding up the dance floor miles this weekend when nocturnal beat supremacist Lee Foss returns to the island.

Creative blends, not electronic trends, are Foss’ signature, which open-minded electronic music fans will latch onto with excitement and appreciation. If you happened to catch his bassline-driven mind warp of a set last February, then you already know. If not, you better ask somebody.

At 18, Foss seamlessly made the transition from hip hop head to house DJ-producer and underground electronica is glad he did. His London-based label, Hot Creations, features Richy Ahmed and Danny Daze (google them), who have already blazed a promising trail that will continue into 2013.

The Chicago native’s latest single, “Benediction,” released last week, has skyrocketed up the dance charts in the U.K. and beyond. One great aspect of Foss is that his groove intentions as a remixer or producer are quite obvious: to make bass-heavy mood groove music.

Not impressed yet? Lend your ears to the single “Forward Motion” and the Starfruit LP to fully understand why Foss is boss.

Asylum Afterhours, 816 Queen St., Sat., 11/10, 11pm, $20, 21+