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Before you get your gobble-gobble on, world-class trance maestro Gareth Emery will craft a groove utopia to kick off the extended party weekend.

No electronic genre is off limits for the United Kingdom’s prodigal son. Emery has proven that he’s a beast with a knack for running through the dance groove gamut of house and dubstep.

Sure, Emery’s balance and brilliance will swoop over the Aloha Stadium congregation, but it’s his symphonic splendor that will amaze most of all. As a trained classical pianist who can also play a mean lick on a guitar, his outstanding ear makes arrangements like “Mistrel” and “Concrete Angel” so sonically pleasing.

Britain’s jack-of-all-trades has been a mainstay in the upper quarter of the DJ Mag Top 100 since 2008. This year, he checked in at No. 14 after releasing just 10 tracks all year.

The pre-Turkey Day rager in Halawa will center around two of the finest promoters of Hawaii dance music: House of Wax and Livewire, plus their thousands of dedicated supporters.

At 32, Emery is already one of the standard bearers of today’s electronic-fed music generation. It’s safe to say he hasn’t peaked yet, and neither have you. Time fo’ grind.

Aloha Stadium, 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd., Wed., 11/21, 8pm–3am, $40–$60, [], 18+