Image: Keoki Franconi

The music, the mojo and the unwavering desire to take the scene beyond even the most optimistic expectations made DJ Soundsex the optimal choice for Honolulu Weekly Spin Zone DJ of the Year.

Soundsex is wickedly good at pushing even the most frenzied crowd into overdrive. His strong desire to represent an entire scene that shares the passion for high octane erotic beats is infectious, to say the least.

Soundsex’s sets at the Love Festival, Pearl, SoHo and Asylum (among other venues) helped solidify his aural dominance in 2012. His rise to fame outside of Hawaii continued with gigs at Burning Man and in Las Vegas, plus a headlining tour that included stops in Los Angeles and Tampa.

Behind the catchy, marketable moniker and the superstar visual appeal (hairdo, shades, swag wear) is a talent worthy of international attention–one that could quite possibly be Hawaii’s electronic rock god in waiting.

In a year when Hawaii DJs set new standards (highlighted by an abundance of EDM festivals), Soundsex stands out as the humble ruler of them all.

Asylum Afterhours, 831 Queen St., Fri., 1/4, 11pm, $20, 21+