Image: Courtesy Buygore

DJs / His real name is Asaf Borgeer, but you can call him the Rated R superstar of dubstep, or simply by his DJ-producer alter-super ego: Borgore.

Addicted to bass-heavy bangers, touring and worldly women, the Israeli wild child and his escapades have been closely documented, thanks to social media. He’s the cocky EDM megastar with a rock star’s DNA, but the adrenaline junkie has the music mojo to back it up. His crazy stage antics make him one with the crowd–a necessity for someone who lives life on the edge while counting on his cult of supporters to fill his shows time and again.

Some say Borgore sold out by adding pop tween sensation Miley Cyrus to his track “Decisions” (which has become super successful), while others think he ruined dubstep. You be the judge.

But love him or loathe him, the poster child for EDM is just going to keep rising through the stratosphere. Keep in mind that he hasn’t even put out his first album yet–which means all the hype and accolades can only get more intense. Your best bet is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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