Image: Courtesy Invisibles

Get ready to dance your life away with a wide array of music offerings at Chinatown’s End of the World Block Party (see Web Exclusive[dead-or-alive]), specifically progressive house and techno marvel Alex Zelenka.

As the head honcho of the Invisibles record label, Zelenka has a roster of more than 20 DJs and producers under his wings who have aided him in his quest to infect the world with thump music. He’s part of an endangered species of DJs who never use laptops during live sets, instead relying on CDJs and vinyl records the old school way. It pays off–he exceeds the hype with big build-ups that are huge factors in his ever-growing international likeability. Additionally, his creative production work for electronic experimental band Crystal Castles (for which he is best known) has garnered him worldwide acclaim, as well.

Over the years, the Chi-Town-raised, L.A.-based DJ/producer’s balls-to-the-wall, full-throttle approach has made the Z-man quite the alpha male in local dance dwellings such as SoHo, Lotus, Nextdoor and Asylum. Should the world end this Friday, allow Zelenka’s conscious efforts to bring out your unconscious desires and go out with a bang.

–Kalani Wilhelm

End of the World Block Party, Stage 1, Chinatown Arts District, Fri., 12/21, 6pm–10pm, free, all ages