Image: Courtesy Elite Empire Entertainment

According to DJ Elite, technology doesn’t make the DJ. The veteran believes the name of the game is always dedication before fame.

Throughout his 20-year involvement in both the local hip hop and DJ scenes, Elite has supported the culture as styles and trends came and went. His role as a mentor and battle-tested mix man in the clubs and on the radio have helped encourage and sustain the culture that has survived primarily on knowledge from the old school players in the industry.

“Sadly, I’ve seen street go mainstream, but on the flip side, I’ve watched the underground expand in wider acceptance and grow exponentially as a community,” he says.

His passion is shared by his DJ crew, The Cross Fade Disciples, and extends to the band of brothers and sisters that have become his closest friends throughout the years.

As Hawaii’s first ever Hip Hop DJ Champion, a title he claimed in 1990, this DJ has the right to call himself Elite. His accomplishments have paved the road to success–time to start walkin’.

Zanzabar Nightclub, 2255 Kuhio Ave., Fridays and Sundays, 18+