DJ Infamous Styles
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DJ Infamous Styles / Fresh off a successful showing at the Mai Tais DJ Spin-off, DJ Infamous Styles comes extra fortified with that special brand of party rock focus. From programming to mixing, the Mystical Sounds’ and Nugget Style’s DJ is always taking mental notes whenever a DJ he admires is in earshot.

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The Mix Doctors

The Mix Doctors / To preserve, restore and elevate DJ culture in the Islands and beyond. The Mix Doctors bestow this responsibility on themselves to transform the goodness of music into greatness.


The Villa, 2nd floor

The Villa, 2nd floor / Continuously raising the bar for not only himself, but for those around him, makes DJ KT valuable on the decks and 808 clubland. As the head music man and one of the creative minds that opened memorable party destinations like Reign, Fashion 45 and Bonsai, the 20-year vet is accustomed to injecting new energy into Honolulu nightlife so it’s no coincidence that he’s part of the team spearheading the island’s newest nocturnal powerhouse, The Villa at Aloha Tower.

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Christian Martin

Christian Martin / In what looks to be an uber positive sign of things to come in Hawai’i dance culture twenty- eleven, downtown nightlife will shift gears and experience the best of Bay Area club life when the new year’s first installment of “Revive” welcomes Cali heavy-hitter Christian Martin. Supreme buildups and steady streams of groove goodness are Martin’s MO and they come with the kind of edgy bass and heavy potency you can feel in your veins.

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Skrillex / No other dance music genre has made its presence felt in the Islands more than dubstep. If dubstep is indeed the new punk rock of today’s generation, Skrillex is its reigning king.

DJ Craze

DJ Craze / Thanks to Kanye, we have toasted to the skum bags, douche bags and a-holes. Now it’s time to toast to family, friends, good times and the beats of legendary DJ Craze this New Year’s Eve.

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DJ Logoe

DJ Logoe / Egos, undercutting and just sheer competition can make the business side of DJ-ing a cutthroat world where bad guys do exist. Judged on the all-important components of skill, grind and passion for quality music, DJ Logoe is definitely one of the good guys.

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DJ Bozu

DJ Bozu / DJ Bozu proves that music is really a universal language. The native of Japan has been able to hold his own, and then some, on the turntable tip since he moved to the island in 2005.

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J-Phlip / As the lone female member of San Francisco’s infamous Dirty Bird crew, you know J-Phlip (pronounced “jay flip”) can hold her own against the big boys. J-Phlip’s style thrives on tech beats and booty basslines–it’s “shake what your mama gave you” time.

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Dieselboy / Dieselboy plus Honolulu equals dance floor mayhem. It’s a simple equation with guaranteed results.

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Swedish Egil

Swedish Egil / Standing strong for meaningful music, club and DJ culture for over four decades (and if dancing is a large part of your identity), Swedish Egil provides that all important spark. The legendary house and trance maestro is as dedicated as they come and credited as the first to introduce electronic music to L.A.

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Soulgasm’s three year anniversary

Soulgasm’s three year anniversary / When you go deep and soulful you can never go wrong. Such is the case in the illustrious career of house music pioneer Marques Wyatt.

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Justin Van Der Volgen

Justin Van Der Volgen / Yes, it’s no big secret that Honolulu dance music lives in Chinatown. Thirtyninehotel, specifically, has long been regarded as a place where the ample supplies of thump always include that little extra umph.


DJ Ill Phil

DJ Ill Phil / Ask Hawaii hip-hop connoisseur DJ Ill Phil where he fits in among Honolulu’s deep talent pool of DJs and he probably couldn’t tell you. It’s not a case of his being too cool to care; it just doesn’t matter.

Justin Martin

Justin Martin / Musical bliss meets dancefloor insanity as The Loft welcomes San Francisco house phenom Justin Martin. Martin, co-founder of Bay Area dance giant Dirty Bird Records, grants you all access to his tech house dimension to pre-funk at this pre-Halloween groove gathering.

DJ Jason Blakemore

DJ Jason Blakemore / All Hallow’s Eve may come a day early this year for rave cravers. Island pre-Halloween festivities will experience a well-felt kickstart at Haunted Wonderland at Wet N Wild this weekend.

DJ Kaori
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DJ Kaori / Lotus Soundbar will indulge in the sounds of international dance club diva DJ Kaori to celebrate the second anniversary of the Ala Moana Shopping Center’s Spiral Girl boutique. Easy on the eyes, the Tokyo-born, New York City-raised spinstress is certainly no fashion model poising as a DJ.

DJ Wyatt Earp

DJ Wyatt Earp / Allow the conscious efforts of Denver badass DJ Wyatt Earp to bring out your unconscious dance floor desires, turntables a-blazing. The title as Denver’s hardest working DJ is a fitting one.

DJ Rudedogg

DJ Rudedogg / Holding back is not an option for DJ Rudedogg. Nothing against martini sippin’ socialite gatherings, but this DJ would rather have his crowd crunk and down for whatevers.

DJ Betty

DJ Betty / Don’t let her tiny stature and pretty face fool you. Underestimate DJ Betty and she’ll go to great lengths to prove you wrong.

DJ Zane

DJ Zane / In his quest for music bliss, patience and purpose has always equaled success for scene mainstay DJ Zane. Entrenched in Hawaii’s underground for more than a decade, the house master may not be the flashiest DJ on the block, but he can certainly triumph most when it comes to consistency.

Miki Mayhem

Miki Mayhem / Combine sass and class and contagious energy and you get Miki Mayhem. It’s no secret that electronica’s leading lady is well schooled in all aspects of EDM.

DJ Sho

DJ Sho / Weekends and big crowds bring out the best in DJ Sho. Bottles poppin’ and dance floors rockin’ at Zanzabar are a given and so is DJ Sho’s penchant for party rocking excellence.

DJ Nitelife and DJ Goldylox

DJ Nitelife and DJ Goldylox / Your friends at Pipeline Café have devised a plan to help you remember the clock is ticking on summertime shenanigans. Party up and get on down to check out LA’s DJ Nitelife and DJ Goldylox as they bring the Hollywood fly to Honolulu’s finest, tag-team style.

Joaquin Bamaca
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Joaquin Bamaca / Still in the very early stages of his career, Joaquin Bamaca is already a veteran of prestigious big time electronic music massives. Born in Guatamala City, the trance master continues to turn heads with his down and dirty sound on the biggest stages possible.

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