On the Internet

On the Internet
Keiki Sitter Kelsey McDonald facepainted at the Keiki Sitter March of Dimes tent.
Image: Courtesy of keikisitters.com

On the Internet / It seems appropriate that it took nine long, hard months before Kathy Custer, 24, was able to deliver her “baby”–that is, the Web site [KeikiSitters.com], which she created to help hundreds of Oahu residents find babysitting jobs–and hundreds of parents find babysitters–since its start in March 2008.

“With such a need in the community [for sitters], it’s been really easy to get the business up and running,” Custer said. “It keeps people coming back, whether they’re looking for a job or looking for a sitter.”

The Web site also allows parents and potential sitters to know who they are working with on a much more in-depth level, providing background checks, preferences, profiles and availability schedules for both parties. Keikisitters also helps those seeking and providing elderly companionship, live-in nannies, tutors, pet sitters or house sitters. And more business means more job opportunities for care providers–a blessing to many in this economic downturn–including moms themselves.

A mother of two toddlers, Teresa Sumner, 26, was looking for a job with flexibility that would not keep her away from her own family obligations or detract her from her desire to complete college.

“It puts extra money in your pocket, it gives you something to do, and it’s just something fun and enjoyable that doesn’t make you dread going to work every day,” Sumner said. “Some parents even opt for you to sit their children in your own home, so jobs can be done in the comfort of your own living room as well.”

For more information, visit [www.keikisitters.com] or email Kathy Custer at [email: Kathy].