Mark Chai pencils in his artwork.


Mon, Aug 14

ARTCLUB / Taking a page from reality show competitions on the Bravo network, ARTCLUB presents a unique challenge to four local artists. Mark Chai, Corinne Kamiya, Maikai Tubbs and Fae Yamaguchi will be given 60 minutes to choose $25 worth of supplies and material at Kmart. They will then be given two hours to create a work of art. Shoppers in the store will judge and vote on their favorites and the winner will be chosen based on technical execution, use of materials, concept and visual impact.

According to its press release, ARTCLUB hopes that the event will “bring awareness to the importance of contemporary art as a form of visual communication and mode of creative problem solving, and to show the public that art can be created anywhere and out of anything.” This just might be the most important contribution Kmart has made to art since Rain Man.

The first place artist will receive a $100 gift card to Kmart and shopping on-lookers can also enter to win a $100 Kmart gift card or one of two family memberships to The Contemporary Museum (TCM). The first 25 keiki will receive an art kit that includes a family pass to TCM.

Kmart Waikele, 94-825 Lumiaina St., Sat., 8/14, Noon–4pm