Cheek’d / Every day, thousands of sappy romantics log on to Craigslist to post a Missed Connection, in search of the One. The One with the curly orange hair who struck up heart-warming banter in Kokua Market’s bottled water section. The One who appeared to have winked when, in reality, a wisp of hair had simply gouged her eye. The One who got away.

The ever-painful Missed Connection is now mitigated by a contemporary approach to passive-aggressive flirtation, Cheek’d. The concept is simple: peep the One (or the One For Now) at the beach or bar with friends but don’t have the guts to strike up a tacky one-liner? Subtly hand your love interest a black card sporting a cheeky come-on (example: “I think we’d fold laundry well together”) and an identification code that links to your personal profile on [Cheekd.com]. From there, the One can learn how witty, romantic and musically diverse you are through your carefully crafted profile (sample question: “Most played iPod song?”), and respond with her or his own enticements.

Fifty cards and the first month of service will set you back $25–a small price to avoid posting any more of those futile Missed Connections, or to dodge the disappointment of learning the “hot” babe on [Match.com] actually looks like your aunt…with a moustache. Oh, and if the recipient of your card doesn’t respond, at least you won’t have to worry about failed destiny or ruptured fate. The One just wasn’t that into you. That’s why there are 50 cards to a pack.