Island Wise

Nanotechnology in Hawai‘i


Sat, Sep 2

Nanotechnology in Hawaii / Nanotechnology is one of those words that most people will proudly admit to knowing nothing about. Some sources describe it as the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. Basically, that means it’s a very technical process of manipulating matter, atom by atom.

Senior nanotechnology engineer at Oceanit Laboratories, Vinod Veedu, is presenting a community forum in chemistry at Windward Community College called Nanotechnology in Hawaii. The development of his nanobrush device captured the attention of the international media and is listed in the 2007 Guiness Book of World Records as the smallest nanotube brush device available.

During the forum, Veedu will discuss the innovative technical process by using NANITE–a nanotechnology-based sensing concrete developed at Oceanit Labaratories.

If nanotechnology hasn’t captured your attention yet, imagine this if you will: someday there will be a sunscreen that will absorb–not reflect–ultraviolet radiation. Medical detectors will someday identify tumors as small as 100 cells. And get this–a few years from now, someone will buy the first, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal refrigerator, air-conditioner and washing machine.

They’re on their way–all thanks to nanotechnology.

Windward Community College, Hale ‘Imiloa 111, Thu., 9/2, (1:30–2:30pm) 236-9120