It Seemed Like the Future and Out of State of Mind
Image: Honolulu Academy of Arts


Tue, Sep 26

It Seemed Like the Future and Out of State of Mind / Opening simultaneously in the Linekoa Gallery of the Honolulu Academy of Arts are two of the most provocative and stimulating sculpture installations of the year.

It Seemed Like the Future is University of Hawaii Manoa art professor Fred Roster’s ambitious exhibition, which spans sculpture from 1969 to 2010. There are dogs lounging on benches, tables and lamps; elaborate wheel mechanisms attached to monkeys that ring a gong; and a wall of selected entries from day planner sheets spanning 1984 to 2009–essentially a hanging documentation of the creative life.

Shelves can be fascinating pieces of art, as Roster proves in his exhibit. He recreated several of the shelves in his home for the installation and it is a feast for the eyes. Hours can be spent gazing at every toy, book spine and rock. Who knows what wonders lie in his real life world?

Upstairs, Christopher Reiner’s installation, Out of State of Mind, is equally as strong a conversation starter. It presents in-your-face statements on the destruction of our environment. Dominating the exhibit is a time-lapse scale made out of a gasoline pump. One end of the scale is a plastic bucket of ice. The condensation drips into a pan below. As the ice melts, the other side of the scale raises. One of the many items in the opposite rising scale is a dollar bill. That, combined with the melting ice, should clue you in to Reiner’s message.

Both artists’ works are well worth an afternoon visit.

Honolulu Academy of Arts, Linekoa Gallery, runs till 9/26, []