Amy Hānaiali‘i and Slack Key Masters of Hawai‘i

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Fri, Oct 20

Amy Hanaialii and Slack Key Masters of Hawaii / Imagine an album collaboration where Amy Hanaialii teams up with slack key masters like Cyril Pahinui, Dennis Kamakahi, Jeff Peterson and Sonny Lim. Then throw in Chino Montero for fun. What you have is a groundbreaking interpretation of Hawaiian classics and legendary popular hits that are rarely covered well, and have never been covered quite like this.

The recordings resemble 1970s duets and trios in a multitude of cross-genre productions. Stripped down versions of country music recordings and 19th century Hawaiian songs make Amy Hanaialii and Slack Key Masters of Hawaii an important contribution to Hawaii’s music history. It’s an example of imagery and instrumental styling at its best.

Sting’s “Fields of Gold” is a surprising choice, but when Hanaialii sings the second chorus in the Hawaiian language, the selection makes perfect poetic and musical sense. Other tracks include “Anapuu Pipa Alanui” and a final guitar track, “Ka Wai O Kaupo,” written and performed by Jeff Peterson, delivers a musical performance that makes this album not a record of songs, but a compilation of masterful musicianship.

This Mountain Apple album is not only worth your time in listening, it’s worth your money. Don’t miss a launch like this one.

The Venue, 1146 Bethel St., Wed., 10/20, 7pm, $30, [], 528-1144