“How Art Has Changed My Life?”
Image: daniel brown


Mon, Jun 19

“How Art Has Changed My Life?” / For some, “life-changing art” means hopping on a plane (preferably Virgin Atlantic; another life changer) to somewhere like Madrid, paying a 15-euro museum entrance fee and seeing Picasso’s Guernica in the raw. Soak it in because art that breaks you down and makes you think of the bigger picture is pretty rare. I mean, you have to go all the way to Europe, right?

Try the Manifest in Chinatown. In “How Art Has Changed My Life?” over a dozen of REHAB Hospital’s artists show you the real impact it has on them personally. Ranging from the young to the old, these artists–many of whom have suffered strokes, massive trauma or are recovering from the loss of functioning body parts–share through their pieces how this art program has helped them rethink, rejuvenate and rebuild their lives. During a time when state art programs are being slashed across this country, here’s a meaningful exhibit that speaks to its value.

100 percent of all art sales benefit the REHAB Hospital of Kuakini.

The Manifest, 32 N. Hotel St., show closes this Mon., 6/13, free, open Mon. (8am–8pm), Tue.–Fri. (8am–2am), Sat. (10am–2am), [manifesthawaii.com], 523-7575