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Robert Cazimero, Hula / Robert Cazimero had no idea he was one of the voices leading the Hawaiian renaissance. “We were just there, having a good time,” he said in a PBS Hawaii interview. “We were just so happy to have people standing in line at Chuck’s Cellar…not to come for steaks, but to listen to us play music.”

Three years since that interview, Cazimero continues to win awards, release conceptual albums and change the way people around the globe experience hula and Hawaiian music. His newly released CD–Hula–showcases his distinctive voice, and traditional Hawaiian songs are instantly recognizable; its musicality is cared for, and its message is loud and clear.

Among the tracks that really shine are traditional songs like “Lei No Kaiulani” and “Hualalai,” as well as “Nau Hookahi,” which was written by Cazimero, himself. His unspoiled voice and sensible song choices make musical sense, and the production, as well as the mastering of the CD, is as pristine as a glass case.

It’s been said before that it’s way too early for Cazimero to stop writing, performing and entertaining the world. His catalogue of music represents the survival of something sacred, and after listening, interpreting, and engaging with Hula, one will take from it a message as universal as melody.

Waiho ka hilahila ma ka hale, e hula. Leave the shame at home and just dance.