Island Wise

One beach’s trash is another beach-lover’s treasure
Image: Courtesy Jan HayashI

On days when there’s no surf, or it’s too windy, or waves are just too big, artist Jan Hayashi walks Oahu’s beaches looking for sea glass. “Some of my friends even pitch in,” she says.

So what does she do with the glass?

“I make tea lights,” says Hayashi, who was born on Maui and raised in Kailua. “They’re made of reclaimed or re-used glass candle holders that I find at thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere I see them. I like using tea lights because they’re single-use and go out when there’s no more wax, and you don’t have to scrape off any residue.”

Trash, plastic, waste–these are the things that inspired her Etsy store, and thus inspired Hayashi to submit her artisan candles to the Weekly.

“Reduce and reuse, that’s what I feel I can accomplish with my tea lights.”

You can find Hayashi’s votives, as well as her watercolors and hand-painted cards, at Sugar Cane in Kaimuki, Pualani Swimwear in Kailua and Surf Garage in Moiliili.

Visit [] or visit her shop on Etsy.