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There’s a lot to see at Molokai’s Big Wind Kites
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Kite-flying enthusiasts know where to go for epic distance, and where to buy the best in locally made handmade kites., a mystical place found on the windy shores of Maunaloa, Molokai.

Owned and operated by Jonathan and Daphne Socher, Molokai’s Big Wind Kite Factory offers something special for those interested in the natural high of kitemaking. Tours and lessons, as well as a commercial crayon box full of kites and windsocks (starting at around $45), and an online tutorial called “20 Kids, 20 Kites, 20 Minutes,” will have you folding, taping and flying like a pro in no time.

The secret, they say, is to prevent fraying, so each of their designs is cut one at a time with a wood-burning tool to cauterize the edges. They use only US-made materials: nylon, Dacron, carbon and fiberglass, and good ole’ American gaudiness.

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