An excerpt from Do One Green Thing

An excerpt from Do One Green Thing

Less Meat is More

An excerpt from Do One Green Thing / Looking for an alternative to Wolfgang’s? Encourage dad to skip red meat at least one day a week (but maybe wait ‘til Monday).

Why? Because he’ll probably live longer. A 2009 study of more than half a million Americans found that those who ate more red meat were likely to die sooner of heart disease and cancer. Why else? Climate-wise, eating less meat is one of the biggest little steps we can take to reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as driving 760 fewer miles a year. If all Americans skipped meat for just three meals) a week, it would reduce the equivalent in CO2 emissions as much as taking 20 million midsize cars off the road for one year.

Dad doesn’t have to quit cold turkey! Encourage him to replace a serving of meat with healthier, planet-friendlier sustainable fish.

Lure Dad to Hiroshi’s for all local seafood and, this month, a farm-to-table menu, []; or to all-vegetarian Peace Cafe, []; or try raw/vegan at Licious Dishes, [].