On the lawn

On the lawn
Image: Shantel Grace

On the lawn / Patrick Dougherty knows a lot about three things: carpentry, nature, and how to direct attention from the naked Occupy Honolulu girl on the corner of Beretania and Ward Avenue to Honolulu Museum’s front lawn. Since early February, Dougherty’s work has stunned us, perplexed us, caused us to take a trip down Where-the-Wild-Things-Are memory lane, all the while analyzing his seven-part sculpture with earthy curiosity.

In just over two weeks, the environmental artist and an army of local volunteers harvested, then stripped, twisted, and wove strawberry guava tree saplings to create something one cannot simply define as…yard art. In this case, the North Carolina-based artist gathered inspiration from Hawaii’s surroundings to create Footloose–an architectural feat that seems to be an interpretation of what it means to be invasive.

According to the Museum, Oahu artist and landscape architect Leland Miyano helped Dougherty harvest the guava and ash from Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens, resulting in the “cocoon-like organic vessels” we now see as we pass by the Museum’s lawn. Besides their size, and their dramatic artistic appeal, this exhibition is worthy of a closer look.

Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania, [honoluluacademy.org], 532-8700