An excerpt from Do One Green Thing

An excerpt from Do One Green Thing / The most important ingredient to avoid in sunscreen is Benzophenone (BP-3), also known as oxybenzone. Why: It’s rated a high hazard by Environmental Working Group ([]) and it gets under your skin. Ninety-seven percent of Americans in a study by the US Centers for Disease Control were found to have this common sunscreen ingredient in their bodies.

These synthetic chemicals can be allergenic and toxic, and may not protect effectively against UVA rays. Stay clear of:




Padimate O (PABA)

Parsol 1789/Avobenzone

And choose natural minerals, which are the least toxic and most effective sun barriers. They include Titanium Dioide and Zinc Oxide, and protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

Check out Kokua Market, Whole Foods and Kale’s for non-toxic sunscreen options.