On Collecting History

On Collecting History
18th Century Webber Engraving at Mauna Kea Galleries
Image: Courtesy Mauna Kea Gallery

On Collecting History / Starting Friday, Mauna Kea Galleries will feature original Webber Engravings from the 18th Century as a special showing and benefit for the Monk Seal Puuhonua. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sales of these engravings directly benefits the initiative.

Since Hawaii has the highest rate of extinction per square mile on Earth, and many endemic Hawaii species are currently threatened, Mark Blackburn, owner of Mauna Kea Gallery, feels that this benefit is at least one thing his family can do to help. And, as far as the Webber engravings go, “It’s an exciting thing to obtain a first-edition 18th Century engraving from Captain Cook’s artist, John Webber,” Blackburn said.

Patrick Wardell, president of the Monk Seal Foundation, says he’s extremely grateful that Blackburn has stepped forward in assisting with monk seal recovery.

2005 S. King St., opening reception Fri. 6/29 and runs through 8/20, [maunakeagalleries.com], call 941-4901 for reservations