On Finding the Right Words

On Finding the Right Words

You’ve Got Mail

On Finding the Right Words / When’s the last time you saw your dad send or receive a real, live letter? 1986?

In her class, Make It/Mail It, artist Tamara Moan challenges the age of email, Facebook and Twitter, teaching pupils how to create interesting envelopes, postcards and stationary through visual imagery techniques. Writing exercises also explore the structure of letters, how to capture a moment and ways to push content into new territory. Moan takes students through the entire process, start to stamp.

Sign Dad up, or take the class yourself.

Honolulu Museum of Art School, 1111 Victoria St., Registration now; class starts Sat. 7/21, (9am–3pm), Room 203, (less than 20 spaces remain) $85. For info: 532-8741