For the history buff

For the history buff
Image: Courtesy Shangri La

For the history buff / After years of conservation work, the historic Damascus Room of Doris Duke’s iconic Shangri La is now open. The room dates from the late 18th Century and includes elaborately painted wood ceilings, and panels and doors with gold calligraphy. This isn’t your ordinary crib, thanks to Doris Duke, the one who acquired the home in the early 1950s. Turkish ceramic plates, silk velvets, Iranian glassware–these are just a few of the things you’ll find as you enter and admire the newly renovated room.

As one of the few museums in the world that exhibits Syrian interiors, the Shangri La offers a glimpse into rare history. “Especially given the current civil unrest in Syria and reports of damage to cultural sites, we hope the Damascus Room will open a window on the country’s extraordinary cultural heritage,” says Deborah Pope, executive director for the museum.

See the home that is as daring and independent as was its owner.

Shangri La, 4055 Papu Circle, tours are offered Wed.–Sat, email [email: shangrilatickets], [], Call 532-3853 for reservations (just leave a message!)