On Throwing Things

On Throwing Things
Weekends a drag? Build something.
Image: Hawaii Potters Guild

On Throwing Things / You know you’re a lucky city when you have a potters’ guild. And we do. Founded 45 years ago, the Hawaii Potters’ Guild (HPG) grew from one collective desire–to experience clay.

Today it’s a thriving studio with many of its potters active in the local arts scene, and through an agreement with the Church of the Crossroads–whose mission also includes promoting community service and educational programs–the guild continues to re-invent itself. Better working space, more classes and increased studio hours have created a local buzz for newcomers interested in where they can build and throw clay.

Coming up in August, Diana Fayt will teach a three-day workshop called “Graphic Clay,” which pushes boundaries and encourages artists to express visual stories on three-dimensional clay forms. Designed to explore surface treatments such as layering of slips and underglazes to create rich fields of color, drawing on and in the clay, using oxides and stains, transferring images onto clay surfaces–all without sophisticated drawing skills–makes this workshop accessible for both hand-builders and wheel-throwers hoping to add a little visual zing to their work.

In addition to this workshop and others like it, the Hawaii Potters’ Guild also offers hand-building and wheel-throwing classes, including techniques with an emphasis on selecting clay bodies, glaze application, craftsmanship and creating a personal aesthetic, so check the website for fall dates!

Hawaii Potters’ Guild, 2480 Bingham St., “Graphic Clay” workshop, Sat., 8/18, Sun., 8/19 and Sat., 8/25, 9am–4pm, pot luck lunch, email [email: workshop], visit [hawaiipottersguild.org], 941-8108