Island Wise

Like shrink-wrap, just get wet.
Image: Courtesy Alyssa Ferguson

When the alluring swimsuit designer Alyssa Ferguson walks by, you do a double-take, but when a girl walks by wearing one of her swimsuits, you just stare. That’s because Ferguson’s line of swimsuits, A Love Story by Alyssa Ferguson, is a crocheted set of Brazilian-style eye candy.

Ferguson says she originally crocheted suits “as therapy” for herself and as a hobby while relaxing in her home near Lanikai beach. But her friends, and their friends, loved them so much they demanded she make pieces for them to wear.

“I guess it’s because nobody does a crocheted suit like this, with yarn and spandex in a Brazilian cut,” she says. “They like the bohemian style and the fact that it’s small, but not trashy.”

I asked her if the suits would get heavy in the water, since they’re made of yarn, and wouldn’t they fall off, and maybe I sounded a little too excited about that part, but she explains that girls shouldn’t worry about it.

“I actually made them small so that when the yarn gets wet, it expands and forms to your body. When someone tries it on, that’s the first thing they say: ‘It’s too small,’ but I just tell them it actually fits better when it gets wet.”

Made completely from localfibers, the suits are priced as separates, ranging from $60–$120, each hand-made by Ferguson. She’ll sell them to you directly on the beach, but if trying them on in front of the beach boys is too much for your shy skin, she’ll even meet you at your house with a collection for you to try on.