On Your Plate

On Your Plate
Looking for lobster ceviche for under $3? Check out this must-have happy hour app.
Image: HappyHourHawaii

On Your Plate / There’s a new mobile app in town, and it happens to be one worth writing about. [HappyHourHawaii.com] has just solved a big problem for those of us hoping to get out of our pau hana rut.

Husband-and-wife owners Carey and Brandon Bennett say that the idea came from trying to find affordable dining options as well as accurate public information regarding the best happy hours in town. “We enjoyed dining out . . . and we knew that going out to happy hour was a great solution, but we were well aware that restaurants and bars rarely publish their happy hour information in print or online.”

According to the Bennetts, “The venues are ecstatic that we bring in new guests . . . and our users love it . . . Our most rewarding experience is when people tell us that they discovered their new favorite restaurant through our site or apps.”

Designed exclusively for the islands, [HappyHourHawaii.com] provides up-to-date happy hour info using a search system that lets users search by location and cuisine. And here’s the kicker: restaurants and members can exchange coupons, event details, happy hour updates and ratings. For example, click on the restaurant Gyu-Kaku at Windward Mall and you’ll see that their Super Happy Hour is Sun.–Thu. (9-11pm) and they offer a “Bonus” feature, which is good for a free order of chicken gyoza. They even feature their happy hour prices so you know EXACTLY what you’re in for: $2 beers, $3 sake, and pupu starting at $1.75. Seriously.

You won’t find the “Bonus” feature for all of your favorite venues, but you will find accurate happy hour info for almost any restaurant or bar you can think of, from Top of Waikiki to one of Waikiki’s newest creative comfort-food bistros, Matteo’s Café.

So cheers to happy hour hunting. I’m addicted.

–Shantel Grace