Made in Hawaii

Made in Hawaii
The ‘70s are back!
Image: Courtesy MaDi Designs

Made in Hawaii / Living in Hawaii is such a huge contrast from the Grunge era of Seattle in the mid-‘90s,” says jewelry artisan, Diana Novoselic of MaDi Designs Hawaii. “My brother was the bassist for Nirvana,” the Grammy award-winning band that basically defined that decade in music. “It was an energetic time and experience.”

From the tortured flannel shirt to laid back island wear, Novoselic says it was the beach that inspired her to launch her very focused jewelry collection. Part of an artistic family–her father a painter, mother a stylist and brothers musicians–she devoured magazines and observed her surroundings.

“When I travel to other countries, I go to museums and galleries to study primitive art and jewelry. It’s amazing how much of those basic principles are repeated today.”

You can find MaDi Designs at MuuMuu Heaven in Kailua and Jams World in the Royal Hawaiian Center, as well as Pineapple Boutique in Haleiwa town.

“It’s therapeutic and challenging to hunt for shells because the beach is constantly changing–it gives and it also takes,” she says.

As a child of the ‘70s, Novoselic says she’s inspired to bring back a modern, elegant spin on the classic puka design of the past. A child of Croation immigrants, who once depended on their hands for survival, there’s no doubt that her collection will thrive.

Email [email: Diana] or call 386-2126