An excerpt from Do One Green Thing

An excerpt from Do One Green Thing / I try to buy jeans and sweats, as well as the occasional couture find, at thrift and vintage stores. But I draw the line at underwear! What’s the greenest fabric if you’re buying new?

Reusing is the greenest apparel choice, and every time we buy an item of secondhand clothing, rather than new, we save the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline. When you do buy new clothes, you have several green fabric options. For the greenest clothing fiber choices, followed by the next greenest and runners-up, look for certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester made from used garments, recycled polyester made from recycled beverage bottles and recycled wool.

For local thrift store options with vintage finds, including the rare green skivvy, check out the following, fabulous boutiques:

Mish Mash, 1164 Smith St., 222-4118

Barrio Vintage, 1160 Nuuanu Ave., 674-7156

Glam Rok Resale Boutique, 449 Kapahulu Ave., 732-6278

The Clothes Chick, 415 Kapahulu Ave., 739-2442

Catherine’s Closet Vintage Boutique, 125 Merchant St., 386-2746